Saturday, February 28, 2015

YOU SHOULD FEEL MY HAIR!!!! ah ha ha ha ha

I have forgotten how good it feels to have clean hair.

I have made it a goal in the last couple of years to do things more naturally.  It all started when I discovered some food sensitivities and explored recipes that were more friendly to my GI system.  I discovered that a lot of the people sharing these recipes were also advocating all natural and chemical free products for the home and body.  Naturally, (ha ha, no pun intended) I began to think "well if it's not a good idea to put it IN my body why would I put it ON my body."  I realized that I could make a lot of things and feel better about what I was using.  And in in a lot of cases I was saving money by not purchasing all of the products I had to before.  My husband feared that I had become "one of those people."  Do you know "those people?"  You know, the ones who boycott GMO's and advocate for singing to your grass fed chickens while you snack on kale chips and sun butter stuffed dates that taste "just like a Snickers bar?" 

My first big change was making my own body butter.  It was a great feeling to create something so useful and feel like I was doing something better for my body.  I learned how to make cough syrup, elderberry syrup and remedies for headaches and tummy aches using my essential oils.  Then I delved into a spider spray, laundry detergent, dishwasher detergent, deodorant, and lastly shampoo.

And that brings me to my hair...  I really wanted the shampoo to work.  It HAS to work (think Tom Hanks in You've Got Mail, "She HHHHAAASSSS to BE!"  If I'm this "1 in 500 people gets this disorder" kind of person then I HAVE to do all things natural.  What if I can prevent something terrible by making my own toothpaste?!!  (Toothpaste was the next item on the list).

The truth is, I started to stink.....  Literally smelling like I hadn't washed my clothes or worst had washed them and let them sit all wet for days and then dried them and wore them.  I don't want to stink.  About 4 or 5 months ago I thought I discovered the culprit.  I eliminated cocoa butter from my body butter recipe and it seemed to help.  No more stinky clothes for the most part thanks to the homemade laundry detergent I started using.

It helped and I thought I was home free.  But yesterday I smelled it again and decided enough was enough.  I was 30 days into my shampoo au natural and beginning to be more uncomfortable with my oily, gross to the touch hair.  On top of that I decided I had spent enough time trying to trouble shoot this lotion issue.  No mo homemade body butter or shampoo.  I was going shopping!

It feels ridiculous to admit that even 7 1/2 hours after showering and washing my hair I am still noticing how clean it feels and enjoying the way it feels and smells again.  No more vinegar smell.  No more "oh right, I feel better if I just don't touch my hair and pretend it awesome because I used honey and water or clay or castile'll adjust soon and feel awesome.  I'll show those sulfate, paraben filled shampoos!" :) 

So why am I writing this?  When I started this blog it was pretty clear that I was just sharing the sweet things I noticed God doing in my life.  I hadn't planned to go on and on about why I think it's better to make your own toiletries.  I am (I think) a fairly normal 30 something "young" woman who has struggled with the balance between being healthy and natural and sane.  But here's the thing....God made each one of us and a whole lot of things that are wonderful remedies and "products" for our health and well being.  And if it's dangerous to be legalistic about some issues it's certainly dangerous to be legalistic and overbearing in this area.  You SHOULD care about your health and what you put on and in your body.  Be a good steward of the body God gave you cuz it's all you get till heaven, if that's where you are headed.  But don't stress about it.  When you realize you are feeling angst because you just can't figure out how to lower the grease factor while upping the moisturizing effect and really hoping you are not stinking when you give someone a hug because you are doing all this because you don't want to give yourself know something needs to be re-evaluated.  But I won't judge you if choose to eat wheat and buy that shampoo you love because it makes your hair smell like the sweetest joy a person could smell.  I WILL continue to enjoy many other homemade ventures that are successful for me and not begrudge myself for giving up on the failures.  It is fun for me to try.  Sort of a hobby that can turn tortuous to my spirit if I don't include the Lord in it all and ask for His help to be level headed.

Ironically, this all comes about when I've had more tummy troubles and you know what helps me feel the best?  Healthy eating habits, exercising and surrendering the care of my body to the Lord who made me and helps me to relinquish control.  He reminds me that it is most important that I am walking with Him and including Him in this journey.  He is first and best and in my opinion we won't be obsessing about what we eat and put on our bodies in heaven so we probably shouldn't be doing that down here while we get ready to go there ;)  Sometimes illnesses can make that hard because we have to deal with them but THANK THE LORD there is grace and help for those times.

And seriously, does anyone believe that a date stuffed with nut butter tastes just like a Snickers?  I might actually try this but I don't have my hopes up too high.  :)

I'm going to go read my Bible....phew!

P.S. My husband just texted me in response to me spaz texting him pictures of my hair and going on and on about how clean it was and his reply was, "Yaaaay for FDA approved products!!!!"  He helps to keep me sane.  Thank you honey.

Monday, December 29, 2014


An unexpected day with my family...the whole bunch, daddy included.  Homemade granola, a new stash of local honey, a walk down memory lane with videos of Maggie and Sam when they were 2 and 3 and the last 2 chapters of Betsy and Tacy Go Downtown.  If you haven't read the Betsy Tacy books by Maud Hart Lovelace, you must!  I second guessed myself when I started this last one with my kids because their age groups are separating more and it seemed like they might be less able to relate or understand.  But I was wrong!  Even my 3 year old boy requested another chapter several times!  And I cried at the end.  It could not have been a more enjoyable story to step inside. 

So as I sit by my dwindling fire and get beckoned by the dryer buzzer alerting me to come I am so thankful for this day. 

Some of my reminiscing looked like this...

Sam is quoting part of Psalm 1 and Maggie is saying "Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path."  So precious.  It's a wonder that we ever understood anything they said. :)

Sometime I may need to do a post of all the pictures of them sleeping, lots of funny and precious memories there! 

In the spirit of reminiscence, here's an older photo of my Max.  This little fella just wanted to "nuggle" when when he woke up from his nap.  I had to scrap the plans for chicken pot pie but it was worth it.  Due to the late afternoon honey run I already didn't have enough time anyway to do the pot pie.  The poor little guy looked so confused when I told him earlier this week that he couldn't kiss me on the mouth or the nose because of his bad cold and recent fever.  Luckily we have cheeks and they are still quite kissable.

And to think that I almost missed it.  I had an opportunity to work today with Michael being called off due to low census and I am so grateful that I didn't. 

I have had to correct myself a couple of times lately when talking to Michael about something the kids did when they "were little."  They "are little," and it was just when they "were littler," if there is such a word.  :)  It's just amazing how fast time goes by and how fast and easily we can miss it. 

Thursday, December 11, 2014

One of the best links you'll ever click on and a throwback!

The BEST flash mob ever.  I have seen this several times in the last 1-2 years and I still cannot watch it without choking up.  Whether it's the quality of the singing which is top notch or the fact that hundreds of people are walking around hearing Christ proclaimed publically in a mall, I can't stand to hold back the emotion!  And to know of all the things people do in this country to remove God from his throne...He doesn't change or cease to exist because people and politics are driving Him out.  "He shall reign forever and ever."  What a mighty God.  A glimmer of heaven someday?  As best as I can imagine it except with me flat on my face...  And to think that He became one of us?! 
picture circa December 2009

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Back in the Saddle Again!

After a year and a half of being locked out of my blog I think it's only proper for me to give props to my man for getting me back in.....
I think this was taken about a month or so ago...  Thank you honey.  Actually, my mom really thanks you.  ;)  A lot has happened in a year and a half...we bought our first house and have been watching the baby phase exit our family while the elementary years tear their way in.

If I'm being completely accurate, the preschool years are what is tearing their way in.  :)  Max talks non-stop!  We've started to get our hands dirty with a bit of gardening and homemade everything and welcomed our first canine to the group.
Our first puppy.....Oscar.  He's about double that size now and currently following my husband around the house looking a bit annoyed that his sleep continues to be disturbed because Michael isn't staying in one place.  He's a trip.  He's been a very welcome addition to our family even if he does require a bit of work (1-2 walks a day, regular feeding and watering, pooping all over the green part of our yard, yellowing the perimeter of our patio, trashing my first strawberry plants and destroying any hope of my chammomile and sage growing on the edge of the patio, making me have to smell the terrible smell of his poo as I have to pick it up and throw it away and experiencing the "joy" of his fur everywhere including on my dinner plate )....Yeah, he's greeeeaaaaat.  ;)  It's a good thing he's cute.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Trials, Knuckle Sandwiches and Jesus

A conversation with my 5 and 6 year olds this afternoon while discussing what James 1:2 is about (Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds")

So I asked them to tell me what they think of when I say joy.  They included great things like candy, tv, books and legos.  I introduced them to the word trials and gave them examples of what they were.  One of my examples for them to relate to was if someone said they didn't want to be your friend or you had a tummy ache. 

Maggie chimed right in and said, "No one has ever not wanted to be my friend!."  Dear girl..... 

Me, "Well, I'm glad that hasn't happened to you but it might sometime." 

Sam, "Has that ever happened to you?" 

Me, "Yes, it has.  I've had it happen when I was younger and even at work."

long pause and look of confused surprise comes across their faces

Maggie,"Well!  They just need to find out about Jesus."

Sam," Yeah, and a knuckle sandwich!"

Once a protector always a protector! 

 Don't let this sweet face make you think he won't bring out the knuckles for his momma ;)
                                      See, he's got it in him!

                                    Love these kids God!  

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Peace for Christmas

"A baby has been born who will bring peace. A prince has come into the world whose very name is Peace (Is. 9:6)

What is ironic is that this Christ child’s birth would bring about anything but peace in his own life.

Herod would massacre hundreds if not thousands of children in an attempt to kill him. Mary and Joseph would have to flee in the middle of the night into a foreign country. As an adult Christ’s years of ministry so up-heaved the religious community that it would end in his arrest, torture, and execution. After his resurrection from the dead and ascension into heaven his followers would be persecuted and killed for his name’s sake.

And yet all of these things worked together for a peace that is far greater than any earthly peace we long for.

The peace Christ was born to secure for us is peace between God and humanity. Christ saves us from the punishment of our sin and reconciles us to our Maker. Christ saves us from the power of sin in our lives and gives us safety from their enslaving power. He offers us peace in the midst of dark days and difficult circumstances assuring us of God’s good plan for us. The salvation of Jesus will, in the end, save us from the presence of sin and establish a kingdom and a new earth where Peace will sit on the throne having conquered and removed all evil and darkness." From the Good Morning Girls study @

He made such a sacrifice that we just cannot understand.  There is no one else like Him and no one has done what He has done. 

Praying that you will be thinking about the one Man who changed all of history and affected the world so greatly that His very existence separated time, AD from BC and led to millions in the world gathering together today to exchange gifts, prepare special meals and just prioritize being together.  I am so thankful that this world, these presents and high expectations we have for how life should work isn't all there is.  If it were, it would be a sad Christmas indeed.  My hope is alive and fixed in Jesus, the author and perfector of my faith.  What a story He is writing right now... 

Merry Christmas!

Friday, November 30, 2012


Twenty Five days until Christmas and the decorating fever has hit our home.  Children make this time of year exciting in and of themselves and I have 3 who are oooing and aahhing over all the special pretties we get to bring out and light up.  Like a dutiful mommy I am glad to put up the tree and spend an hour separating each branch to hide the fact that it is artificial and string the lights, some of which decide to stop working just after I've finished the tree :)  Yes, I have always enjoyed decorating for Christmas but this year it is different.

I was hoping we would be moved into our new home by this time and we would be decking the halls in our first house.  I have so much packed away that I actually asked my hubby what he would think of me purchasing a new, fairly inexpensive dinner set since I packed much of ours away (it just seemed easier than unpacking since I wanted an extra set of plates anyway).  People kept giving the impression that "we were almost there"  "hope to close next week" "goal is to close tomorrow!"  So naturally I packed more and more things wanting to be ready when the day seemed so imminent. 

I realized yesterday what a gift it was to be upon Christmas.  We decided to put up the tree and decorate as if we were staying, forget about waiting to do things until we are moved.  It has been such a joy to my soul!  In all of the uncertainty of our living circumstances I sensed such a deep peace to just focus on celebrating Jesus' birth.  In the past couple of months I had struggled with understanding why I was continually disappointed when we realized each week that moving wasn't going to happen at that time.  How pathetic I felt to be bothered by it all when I have a warm and nice place to live right now, no worry for giving notice to be out by the end of the month, no lost rent money if we move before the end of a month.  I believed that it was just a house and that my peace doesn't come from my circumstances so why did I feel this struggle each time we had a let down?

Something incredible happened in my heart when we put up that tree, got out special decorations that we made last year.  It was sort of a declaration in my heart that we are going to stay put until we are told otherwise and I don't need to do anything more to prepare to move....or to prepare to stay.

 Prepare your heart for right now and just believe in Me
I took the kids out to pick up a few more boxes of lights and ribbon and glanced at a sign that said "believe."  I figure most signs like that are referring to Santa so it didn't take me by surprise.  But I thought about it from a different angle.  Romans 15:13 says "Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that you will abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit."
It's a nice verse.  Makes people feel good.  Everybody wants hope and at this time of year some people are more interested in God or at least doing good.  Fine.  But later I realized that it is IN MY BELIEVING that I can be filled with joy and the God of hope, no less! 

A majority of the people reading this celebrate you believe? 
Do you believe that God was born as a man and came down, lowered Himself, to be like us?  Do you believe that He did it because God actually wants to have a relationship with you?  Do you believe that you don't have to be perfect and have it all together to go to Him, that He is actually drawn to those who admit they are a mess without Him? 
Believe!  Believe in Him, that He's good and faithful, that everything He says is true.  Believe in His word.....that though you may not understand it all now it was placed on this earth for you to know Him!
It is in believing that we will find joy and peace.  When I put up that tree and pulled all those trinkets and homemade ornaments out I was confirming that yes I believe, I believe in Jesus Christ and I'm going to celebrate big time that He came down to love me, to save me.  And there isn't a crazy bank, or legal system or postponed moving date that is going to take that away. 
"...Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved...." Acts 16:31