Tuesday, February 28, 2012


In the midst of children having a bad case of the stomach flu and the looming threat that I will be the next victim I am finding encouragement in these things:
This sweet thing of a girl who still remembers to say "no thank you" amidst her episodes of "flu-ness"  I linger looking at her while she sleeps and often run to get the camera for reasons such as this...she went to bed with a stocking cap on a wet head of hair one night last month.
This adorable little fella who loves everything except getting his nose wiped. 

This FIVE year old boy who is a fierce protector and defender of his sister and brother.  He loves Legos, cars and playing cooking shows like Chopped or Iron Chef with Michael, Maggie and me.

~that I can be home more to take care of them
~that Sam made it to the toilet every single time
~that God is showing me things in myself that need to change
~that I have the option of working more if I wanted/had to
~that Max can have his own room (even though it has displaced Michael and I to the living room) and is now sleeping through the night!!!!
~for friends' responses to difficulties in their own lives...it's encouraging to me to see people do the right thing and give honor to God during hard times
~for a husband who is enjoying cooking
~for smiles after hours of pain
~for children who are funny
~for hope in a world that wants to paint all of the sad stories and talk about them endlessly
~for the Truth to show me the way....the errors in my thinking and the bondage I can be in just in my thoughts...it is revealed and given to Jesus and corrected and I am new all over again.
~for the songs "Beloved"  and "I am new" by Jason Gray
~for a little 10 month old boy whose body can't help but jive as soon as he hears music playing (even while he's nursing) :)

I can't resist sharing this last picture because it's just so funny to me.  No fooling how Max felt about this outing.  He wasn't feeling very thankful for his tight fitting, restricting snow suit.  :) 

Why do we try to pose everyone anyway?  It's more fun this way! 



  1. Thank you for sharing-----so touching----I love you!

  2. Oh my, those pics are to cute. And in regards to the one with Max crying....it reminds me of the movie, Christmas Story, where Ralphy runs down the street with his arms sticking straight out...:)

    1. That is totally the image I had when I put him in it. He kept trying to crawl but would just fall over! Poor little guy....no more snowsuit, thankfully :)