Saturday, June 9, 2012


Enjoy trying to get a group of people into one picture and have everyone looking at the camera with their best smile?  Everyone's hair is in place and all of their best sides are showing.  My husband loooves group pictures, don't you honey?  Especially when children are involved because then it's REALLY FUN!  ...okay everybody look at the camera, say cheese....Max, look at the camera....Maggie stop looking at Max and look at the camera....Sam, smile....WAIT!  Sit still, we're not done yet....okay, everybody smile...cheese....stop squirming....that was not helpful....please don't do that...okay, one more try, smile...cheeeese....Alright, CUT IT OUT, LOOK AT THE CAMERA AND SMILE....

Here is my little tribute to group pictures and not caring too much anymore about getting everyone "just right."

This one started with a quaint fence and cute little boy..."hey Sam and Maggie come sit by Max for a picture!"

I gave up quickly...probably smart

This next series shows that I had high hopes and a lack of touch of reality.

Come on Max!  It's May Day!  Look at the camera!

Apparently posing HAS always been a challenge

Are you imagining their thoughts right now?  Sam, "Uuuuhhhh, I don't want to be sitting here, why are you doing this to me?  Max, "Why is my face buried in this blanket...somebody get my face out of this blanket!"  Maggie, "hmmmm, this is taking a long time...those flowers are pretty."

I actually remembered thinking in this one, "Oh, this is so pretty.  Come on kids, pull it together.  Everybody just look at the same time and smile...Come on...great Christmas gift for Granny...come on guys.."

Lest I ever forget the torture I put my husband through for family pictures.  This experience apparently did not teach me the lesson.
Soooooo who wants to pose for a picture?!  Isn't this so true of life?  We try so hard to keep it all together and make it look good...perfect if you will.  But we cannot.  Cheers to no pretenses!

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