Sunday, August 29, 2010

Happy Birthday to my sister

Jennifer with Maggie at Grandma Shirley's shop June 2010

So... is this the birthday wish blog or something?  :)  Just a coincidence but a great opportunity to honor my sister on her special day.  Yes, birthdays change as we get older but our older age does not diminish how special it is that ...years ago Jennifer Lynn Schulting entered the world.  The day my parents world tipped upside down as they discovered what having children was all about!  So enjoy a few pictures of my sister and some of the people who love her lots. 
Jennifer with Sam Oliver at Grandma Shirley's shop June 2010

And now for an old video but sooo funny and sweet to remember on Aunt Jennifer's Birthday (Sam was just 8 months old at that time...May 2006)

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