Friday, December 10, 2010

Pull-ups and Heaven

Have you ever washed a pull-up with a very large load of laundry?  Do you know what happens to those things when ran through a full cycle?  It was one of the biggest disasters of gelatinous mess I have ever seen. 

One article of clothing gets pulled out...what is this stuff?...I recognize these little beads....why is there water sprayed all over the hamper in here?...why is the drain clogged with these gel beads?...I didn't wash a pull-up did I?...Please, no...You have got to be kidding me... I washed a pull-up...I am normally quite observant of what goes into my washing machine so the fact that a pull-up slipped by my eyes was very annoying.  At the time I worried that everything needed to be cleaned up immediately, fearing what would happen if the clothes went into the dryer with all of the tiny gel beads on them...what would happen to my dryer...we can't afford a new dryer right now... but I had all of my charting completed before my kids were even put to bed... and it was supposed to a relaxing night with my hubby watching a Christmas movie while wrapping some presents...why is this happening now?????  Was it a dirty I smell urine?  Michael, come here and smell this...  (For the record it was not a dirty pull-up, just my pregnancy sense of smell at the power of suggestion)

Well needless to say I could not just walk away and leave it for the next day.  I individually shook out each piece of clothing (a large load of kids clothes so it felt even bigger...they're pretty little you know) and wiped out my washing machine thoroughly.  I left the droppings on my unfinished floor to be dealt with the next attempt to be a little more Mary and less Martha in effort to get to my "relaxing time" with Michael.  Hurry up so you can relax!

I walked into the laundry room this morning to determine what to do about the mess on the floor and was surprised to see all the little gel beads had become a faint dust that just needed to be swept up.  Did I really need to spend the 30 minutes the night before doing all that work?!

At the time I couldn't help but think "Lord, this is such a meaningless task...what a waste to have to dedicate time to such an annoying thing."  There are so many seemingly meaningless things in this life...we get up every day and maintain our bodies...maintain our homes...go to work to pay for maintaining our bodies and homes let alone the things we might enjoy doing for fun...  Washing dishes, taking out the trash, sweeping the floor, picking up toys, doing laundry, cleaning up laundry disasters... 

And yet in the midst of it all I have the reminder that this life is not all there is.  I have the hope that there is more beyond this life that will take my breath away some a blink of an eye...Is there even laundry in heaven?  Do we do our own laundry Lord?  Will You just have those that truly love doing it get to do in perfection and glory?  What is it like to function without frustration and annoyance?  Wow...I can't wait to see. 

And so I'm thankful for all of the seemingly meaningless things I do in my life that draw my eyes to Him and make my heart long for the other side of eternity....Something that is becoming a little more imaginable the more I learn of Him. 

God is in everything.  God orders everything.  God is everything.

     "Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you at the proper time, casting all your anxiety on Him, because He cares for you."   1 Peter 5:6-7

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