Monday, August 1, 2011

Funny things at Manito today..

I enjoyed a nice morning at Manito Park today.  Sam and Maggie were thrilled because it had been a while and Max fell asleep for a little morning nap so I was thrilled too!  On our way Sam told me that he was going to a buy a digger when he grew up because he wanted "to work construction."   Maggie added, "I want to be a mother."  I love it. Where is the "heart key" on this keyboard? :)

I was standing near the jungle gym watching the kids and 2 twin boys came to play, probably around age 8 or 9.  I listened as they discussed the color of their crocs (red and black) but chuckled at their level of specificity.  One said his were scarlet to which the other replied, "Then I guess mine would be midnight black."  And off they ran to the swings...  I had to laugh to myself when I saw this other boy a little younger, maybe 7, taunt another boy by saying in his taunting voice, "are you scaywed?"  It was such a cute ironic thing to see a boy unable to pronounce his "r's" but trying to be intimidating to another....  we all think we are "the stuff" at one point or another don't we?

As I was getting their lunch ready Sam showed me a picture he drew on the magna doodle.  I said, "Nice!  What is it?  Sam replied, "It's a person going somewhere to find somebody."  :)

I fell asleep while nursing Max just before the older kids' naptime and quickly got everyone off to bed hoping to be horizontal for a little while myself.  Sam and Maggie napped well.   Max woke up as soon as he was laid in his crib.  So I rock Max while on the internet and he falls asleep.....he wakes up as soon as he is laid down... and so the pattern continues.  Sam and Maggie get up and it looks like a diet coke run for me!

One more funny thing to share.  We were doing some grocery shopping in Fred Meyer a few days ago when a nice lady next to us asked Maggie, "Are you a good helper to Mommy?"  Sam replied," That's HER name!!! (with much astonishment)  How did you know her name?  How incredible that this complete stranger would know my name was "Mommy." :)

I love it all!

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