Sunday, July 10, 2011

Maternity Leave etc...

I am entering my last official week of maternity leave.  I've had two of these before and this one is ending much the grace of God. longer working full-time outside of the home and trying to be a mother at the same time. 

Life has brought many changes over the past 9 years and at times a lot of uncertainty and fear.  I'm trying to help my oldest, Sam, learn how to deal with fear.  It's been frustrating at times and sad at others because I can't make him "not be afraid."  I've worked with him on it and he's been able to conquer a few things with a little habit I developed for myself.  But it is still a daily struggle.  I can't make his mind work a certain way.  It has led me to other thoughts....people in my life who are struggling with serious problems.  I can't make their problems go away...I want to...I can't even get them to cope in the way that I think works....I want to (don't we all think we know everything about everything?) 

Well, thankfully I am not in charge of all of these things.  Yes, I am in charge of caring for my son and training him up but the problems are not mine to fix.  Life really can be pretty stinkin rotten sometimes; for some people it seems like a lot of the time.  This song on the link below is a great encouragement to me when life isn't going the way I want it to go.  Even when life is going well and the roses sure smell sweet I'm glad that it's just because it's part of God's plan for that day or season.  That part of life isn't up to us. 

<iframe width="425" height="349" src=""  I've never added a link, so hopefully the people who are really interested are able to hear the song.  Someday I'll get me some fancy pants and insert a link that says "here" and you can click right on it without the ugly web address all spelled out.

Here's where I'll be devoting most of time these days....

Isn't it an awesome picture?  Need I say more? :)

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