Sunday, May 22, 2011

Maxwell Matthew Schneider!!! A most excellent gift from God

At already 4 weeks of age this photograph is old news!  This is our newest little son, Max. 
If he isn't being held he can most often be found being entertained by Maggie or Sam.

What a journey the past month has been!  Michael has been on top of updating people via facebook during the days surrounding Maxwell's birth but I realized there are some of my facebook friends who may have not been in the loop!  And one month later, I am able to gather some thoughts and time to share in our awesome wonder that God has given to us.

All that time debating over names and wondering.....a little boy was being knit together.  I love it!

A little over one month ago I was finishing off a regular work week and eagerly looking forward to the following because I was planning to begin my maternity leave two weeks early.  I went into labor a bit early, likely because of an infection, and had a roller coaster of a weekend until this dear little boy came into the world three days later, on Easter.

I view all of my children as gifts from doubt about it.  It seemed sweet to me that the meaning of Max's name was a reminder of this and not just any gift but a gift FULL of EXCELLENCE.  We love Jesus and rely on him for everything but that weekend we seemed especially dependent on body doing something completely out of my control and my mind trying desperately to remain calm and collected.  I was told three days before he was born that my white blood cell was abnormally high and with the "in/out" of labor those first two days they wanted to monitor what was going on with incredible to remember that while realizing God was orchestrating the entire course of events...He allowed me to get sick....allowed me to have good and prudent doctors and caring nurses who knew I should stay in the hospital...allowed me stay in long enough to learn I was positive for group B strep even though I had tested negative in the office two weeks prior...AND allowed me to go in and out of labor through all of this to keep me at His feet surrendering everything to Him.

Max is truly a gift.  Because my infection was found "just in time" I was able to begin an antibiotic and Max presented in a much better condition than he would have otherwise.  My 8 plus pound baby boy swooned the NICU nurses with his large size (they are used to very tiny babies) and recovered well over the course of his first week.  I learned a lot about myself during the weekend before and during his birth and stepped into the NICU world where we truly were just visitors.  Max's roommate would be there for months and others as well.  I watched mother's come and go, some able to stay longer than others and as I write this I wonder what God has in store for all of them.  And how does God want me to respond to this new culture now that I know it exists. 

Max was born on Easter... the day I celebrate the freedom I have in Christ...the day I celebrate the peace and gratefulness that rests in my soul because Jesus suffered a painful death for me.  His bood has covered my sins and I no longer have to walk this earth aimlessly, apart from God.  I am living my life with the knowledge that I am free and cleansed and I can confidently raise these children that have been given to me with that same knowledge.  So welcome to the world my sweet Maxwell Matthew.  This life is filled with milestones and trials and your entrance into it was no exception.  But there is everlasting life and peace that can be enjoyed the moment you surrender to Jesus.  I love that he was born on Easter for that reason.

Can you tell that he has been heartily welcomed into our family?  Sam and Maggie adore him.  They are normal children for sure, but their depth of understanding astounds me.  Oh Lord, grab each of their hearts and don't let go.

Thanks for reading and putting up with the ramblings of a post-partum woman... :)  Some day my brain will become a little more normal and thoughts will flow more easily!

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  1. Nice story. Never quite thought about the 8 pound baby boy in the NICU before......