Monday, October 29, 2012


1.   Granny taking the older 2 out back to work
2.   People who care at Gentiva payroll & are helping, Sue, Pam, Bernadette and now Candace
3.   Sunshine after many days of drippy gray
4.   Being able to be home to deal with it all
5.   Not having to evacuate my home in the midst of a storm
7.   Eyes to see the gifts
8.   Not slicing my hand off when cutting the squash last night
9.   His faithfulness
10. Louie, who loves to be a broker
11. The sweetest cheeks of my 3, all with their own distinctive smell
12. This place...this spacious home beneath a home that we've made for the last 4 1/2 years
13.  The bank that wants to loan us a whole lot of money to buy a home
14.  Hope in Jesus and a relationship with Him....all that we are seeing and dealing with isn't even the point...He is.

The gifts only have meaning in that they trace the outline of God’s heart, the calm eye of any storm.

The problems of hard times are answered in the presence of Himself: God is with us. The wise stand in wind and pray not so much for the danger to pass but for the fear to flee. 


Have you heard of the book 1,000 Gifts by Ann Voskamp?  A good friend loaned it to me last spring and it has blessed me beyond measure.  I always thought I was a very thankful person but this woman has drawn my attention to it and I find myself numbering things in my head as I go through my day and notice the hand of God.  He's all around, everywhere and always has been.  Do you see Him?

We were hoping to move soon and are finding a web of issues that need to be addressed when getting a bank loan.  It could be very frustrating but it's not.  It's okay.  It'll even be okay if the whole deal falls through and we end up looking at plan B.  If it wasn't this storm it would be something else and I'm thankful that it gets to be this one this time around.

 The process can often be messy
 But when it's all cleaned up and we let the Lord
 work things out it's purty sweet

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